Netlinkz is the developer of the Virtual Invisible Network (VIN) offering best-in-class security, meshing and encryption technology. VIN enables network clients to connect securely,fast and simply over a mesh-network. VIN technology inspired further development and is a pivotal technical building block for the creation of the Virtual Secure Network (VSN). VSN technology has all the benefits of VIN but at many orders of magnitude of scale and with an entirely new orchestration overlay to manage all connected network clients centrally.

Tech VIN VSN Diagram
VSN Diagram

With its Virtual Secure Network (VSN) technology, Netlinkz powers an expansive range of connectivity solutions.

At its core, VSN is an overlay technology providing cloud-first capabilities; quick and scalable connectivity solutions; secure and simple team collaboration, and enables highly-secure sharing of critical data.

Complex organisations with multiple facilities or large collections of devices often face the following operational network challenges:

  • Multiple ISPs with limited or no service quality guarantees
  • Public networks with no inherent mechanisms to ensure end-to-end traffic control
  • Multiple access channels with different bandwidth and reliability characteristics (i.e. MPLS, Internet, LTE/4G, 5G, satellite etc.)
  • A wide range of available cloud infrastructure with variable levels of access (SaaS services, cloud services and data centres)
  • Large numbers of devices with varying transmission capabilities (Server, PC, Mobile, IoT device, AI node etc.)

By dividing network operations between three layers, VSN provides an intelligent platform that is efficient, feature-rich and elastic.

VSN allows organisations to underpin their network operations with an intelligent networking platform that provides a secure and elastic network overlay that extends all the way to the edge of the organisation’s network and offers high quality of service and infinite scalability.

VSN solves the operational challenges associated with public networks, heterogenous cloud infrastructure and device proliferation by separating network functions into three layers

  • Management layer. The Virtual Secure Manager (VSM) allows for automatic deployment, network orchestration, security policy application and centralised management.
  • Control layer. The Virtual Secure Controller (VSC) provides fast construction of virtual private networks via real-time distribution of configuration information and deployment directives, and routing calculations necessary for traffic handling.
  • Data forwarding layer. The Virtual Secure Router (VSR) family of edge devices (a) provides traffic encryption/decryption for security right to edge, (b) bonds the available access channels for maximum throughput and (c) enforces quality of service policies to maximise the available bandwidth.


VSN Diagram
Deploy scalable connectivity solutions

Deploy scalable connectivity solutions

Meet business demand by connecting globally with clients, branches, and cloud platforms on a highly-secure network overlay.

Secure remote collaboration

Secure remote collaboration

Make team collaboration, remote access, and corporate VPN connections faster, simpler and secure.

Reduce Cost and Increase Efficiency

Reduce Cost and Increase Efficiency

We offer commercial connectivity solutions and technical capability to enable businesses to enter and operate in emerging markets.

Ease of deployment and management

  • VSN is an “out-of-the-box” intelligent networking solution that does not require on-site network engineers for edge setup (zero-touch deployment)
  • VSR is a “plug-and-play” router that is shipped pre-configured when a physical edge device is needed rather than using the VSN Virtual client
  • VSM offers a centralised dashboard (or “single pane of glass”) through which the VSN is configured and monitored
  • VSR configuration updates are pushed to the edge automatically

Intelligent, high-performance networking

  • VSN offers autonomous adjustment of bandwidth & smart routing to maximise network utilisation across the available transmission infrastructure
  • VSN can switch between peer-to-peer and mesh mode when required to adapt to disruptions in provider networking infrastructure
  • VSN employs a powerful backbone over any existing network that vastly improves long-haul network performance & reliability


  • VSN utilises world-class encryption that protects all network transmissions from edge to edge
  • VSN uses access control lists (ACLs) to ensure that network services are only available to authorised users
  • Security policy management is centralised in the VSM and enforced at the edge

Cutting-edge feature set

  • VSN blends open standards with cutting edge virtual technology, giving it a rich feature set that is ahead of the SDWAN market
  • VSN offers 5G-ready edge devices that support IoT and extends the network edge to the mobile device for demanding branch edge deployments