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Used in more than 100 countries, SSI solutions offer governments and law enforcement communities a complete portfolio of advanced intelligence solutions that help monitor, detect, identify, locate, and observe criminal activities.

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Lawful Interception


SSI and its partners have been in the business of lawful interception since 1994 and have installed LI Management Systems in more than forty countries around the world.

Data Retention


Retention of subscriber data and communications related data has become a legal requirement for telecom operators and service providers.

Electronic Warrant


Support organisations handling LEA request in a controlled and auditable fashion.

Lawfull Interception


SSI and its partners have been in the business of lawful interception since 1994 and have installed LI Management Systems in more than forty countries around the world. As an active supporter of the ETSI LI group, SSI team members and its partners have participated in developing technical standards and compliance tests. SSI provides a Lawful Interception Management System as a comprehensive solution that provides state-of-the-art surveillance capabilities for fixed and mobile communication networks and for various communication services, including traditional circuit-switched voice, and Internet-based services like e-mail and VoIP.

Monitoring Center


When it comes to fighting crime and thwarting terrorist attacks, law enforcement and government security agencies need the right tools to get results Therefore, state-of-the-art monitoring centre solutions are an absolute ‘must’ for lawful interception (LI).

By monitoring the communications of specific groups or individuals, law enforcement agencies (LEAs) can discover hidden patterns and criminal structures, anticipate and prevent crimes, and collect hard and fast evidence for prosecution.

The MC has been specifically developed to service the complex needs of law enforcement agencies worldwide. It is completely user-friendly in that it offers a unified view of all intercepted data, regardless of their source. No matter what kind of data or from whichever sort of network, the Monitoring Centre presents them in a standardised way because its unique architecture can concurrently handle all technologies and vendors. It is both, flexible and scalable and performs the tasks of monitoring in an auditable, secure, reliable and verifiable manner, according to ETSI LI standards.

The SSI provided MC is deployed all over the world. So far more than 90 solutions have been installed in over 60 countries

Data & Log Retention and Analytics

Data & Log Retention and Analytics

Communications providers generate hundreds of millions of event records daily. Every phone call placed, connected, disconnected, etc. creates potentially critical event log data. Because of this, regulatory such as Laws and regulations like the EU Directive 2006/24/EC and business drivers now require telecommunications providers to capture and retain years of this data.

SSI helps communications organizations around the world to quickly implement CDR log analytics and retention solutions that uniquely deliver actionable results from massive amounts of log and event data

While much of the data required is being recorded by providers already for billing and marketing purposes, these new regulations put some cumbersome and potentially costly obligations on CSPs in regards to data security, delivery of data, and completeness of information.

Electronic Warrant/Case Management System

Electronic Warrant/Case Management System

The main purpose of the Electronic Warrant Management system is to support in an efficient way the business and operation needs of the organization by providing:

  • Management of cases based on internal rules of the company
  • Handling of documents accompanying cases
  • Workflow and approval mechanism which can be modified per request
  • Interconnection of the system with other business systems of the organization
  • Security levels and user roles

A case is a logical entity which corresponds to one or more requests for information coming from an external source.

The authorised users interact with any external system required and attach the results to the case folder.

The system can transparently integrate with the Data Retention Systems and trigger report generation as required by the defined investigation flows. The system can also orchestrate the definition and execution of other data investigations and assign tasks to users and/or groups.

Consulting Data Retention

Consulting Data Retention

SSI can offer structured, impartial advice and support to make sure you get the right solution that works for your current and future needs, for the right value.

Security & Design Services

Security & Design Services

SSI can offer a complete systems and network design engineering service to cover all aspect of your Surveillance, business security software and monitoring infrastructure.



In the medical profession prevention is more effective that cure. The same holds true for Security.

Project Management


Integration with SSI is underpinned by scoping, planning, execution and completion of projects to meet our customers’ requirements, quality objectives and performance goals.