The Virtual Secure Network technology provides physical and virtual secure ‘network as a service’ capabilities for enterprises of all sizes.

Organisations adopting VSN technology can benefit from a massive leap forward in security, speed, simplicity and cost-effective connectivity.

VSN can be deployed globally with ease, providing secure single-country or multi-country solutions.

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VSN overlay technology is highly secure by design. VSN leverages peer-to-peer technology as well as mesh technology. All data on the mesh-network or peer-to-peer is encrypted, moves directly from A to B, and creates trusted virtual communities – improving your security, digital safety, and privacy.


The mesh data-plane transfers data directly to its destination with extremely low latency; no speed bumps, no rerouting, no lag. Our unprecedented network virtualisation speed is the ideal solution to connect and optimise mobility, Wi-Fi, 3/4/5G, IoT services, and enterprise and branch networks.


VSN features an unprecedented deployment speed. VSN can deploy to brand new sites or roll-out changes across hundreds of clients – all from one secure central console. VSN has both virtual edge access, mobile access through 3, 4, 5G as well as through Netlinkz’s physical devices where required.


VSN technology operates in the background, any user-facing elements are intuitive and work as people expect. There is no learning curve for new users. VSN app-based products are deployed seamlessly to people’s phones, homes, and businesses.


VSN technology not only deploys quickly, operates effortlessly, and is secure by design; it is also a highly cost-effective business solution.

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A breakthrough in connectivity security, speed, and simplicity

Netlinkz has developed the Virtual Secure Network (VSN) overlay technology platform.

VSN delivers cost-effective connectivity solutions, enabling you to make your day-to-day networking and connectivity simple, fast and secure.


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