Global Connectivity

Global Connectivity

Our connectivity solutions enable you to connect globally with clients, branches, and cloud platforms. Simple, fast, and secure.

Ultimate Collaboration

Ultimate Collaboration

We enable you to take team collaboration, remote access, and corporate VPN connections to the next level. Simple, fast, and secure.

Conquer Emerging Markets

Conquer Emerging Markets

We offer commercial connectivity solutions and technical capability to enable you to enter and excel in emerging markets. Simple, fast, and secure.

By listening to what you need most to support your day-to-day operations, we have developed cutting edge network virtualisation technology that delivers a massive leap forward in security, speed, simplicity and cost-effective connectivity.

We’re not about causing disruption. Disrupted connections and networks in disarray benefit no one. We do the opposite. Our patented Virtual Secure Network (VSN) technology seamlessly rolls-out a secure peer-to-peer and virtual mesh network between end-users with unparalleled networking speeds. Invisible to most, it deploys quickly, operates effortlessly, and is secure by design. It is also highly cost effective.

We create a seamless and fast digital experience for everyone, everywhere. Our future is one where any device can be connected to any application – simply and securely. We enable the Internet of Things (IoT) to be what we it should be: private, secure, fast and trouble free. We enable people to create secure and trusted virtual communities effortlessly. Gone are slow VPN connections, dubious social messaging privacy, and months of corporate virtualisation deployments.

A seamless virtual networking experience is here. One that securely connects anyone, anywhere, on any device. We connect everything. Simple, fast and secure.


Board Of Directors

James Tsiolis
CEO & Managing Director

Stephen Gibbs
Non-Executive Chairman

Geoff Raby
Non-Executive Director

James Stickland
Non-Executive Director

Grant Booker
Non-Executive Director

Mr Zhang
China Based Non-Executive Director



Expansion toglobal markets


Launch into PRC market to test growth, scale, and budget


Company rebrands to Netlinkz Limited (ASX: NET)


Company listed on the ASX as iWebGate Limited (ASX: IWG)


Technology globally patented

VSN Diagram


A breakthrough in connectivity security, speed, and simplicity

Netlinkz has developed the Virtual Secure Network (VSN) overlay technology platform.

VSN delivers cost-effective connectivity solutions, enabling you to make your day-to-day networking and connectivity simple, fast and secure.


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World leading Security Intelligence solutions

SSI overlay technology Providing world leading Security Intelligence and monitoring solutions for Governments, Telecommunications and Enterprise sectors.


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